The Sovereign Nation of Shetland




Stolen Isles

.........The Sovereign Nation of Shetland

.The Sovereign Nation of Shetland is an unincorporated association
of like-minded sovereign people living in Shetland.
We make no claim to nationhood yet, but our name indicates our purpose.


Never doubt that a small number of committed people can change the world - in fact it's all that ever has. Margaret Mead.

We live in a world of abundance, but that abundance has been cornered by a very few, who have then promoted the idea of scarcity for their own ends like a parasitic beast. Those people, who run the big supra-national organisations, hedge funds, corporations and governments, keep us in fear and dependence - the ultimate protection racket.

What they most fear is that we, those docile farmed animals, should realise our power, break free and simply turn our backs on their corrupt system. That is the goal of The Sovereign Nation of Shetland.

The bigger the conglomeration of people, the bigger will come the tyrant to control them. The people of The Sovereign Nation of Shetland are completely decentralised. Each one is sovereign in their own right. We are committed to raising everyone up to achieve their true potential, rather than levelling down with fear and dependency. Working together to our mutual advantage will secure our future.

Shetland is big enough to matter, but small enough that you can make a difference. Just read the Margaret Mead quote above. That small number of committed people starts with one.

The official input/output figures for 2010 showed that after we paid all our direct and indirect taxes and got back all the subsidies we need to run the place, there was £81 million every year left in the UK treasury - about £8,100 per household with which we subsidise the UK. When the 2017 data came out, it was not published until 2020, by which time the figures had been massaged and calculated on a different basis - so we now owe the UK! It needs a forensic accountant to extract comparable figures, but we suspect that the current figure is actually much bigger in Shetland's favour. This does not take into account the oil, which still dwarfs everything else.

It is inevitable. When we don't have to pay UK taxes, have half price fuel and have full control of our own affairs, when the country shops will be able to compete on level terms with the supermarkets and keep our money locally - and more - that's when we will see a differenc. It is happening gradually at first as each one stands up to take responsibility and stops supporting the lie. Soon it will become unstoppable as people realise they can no longer aid and abet a crime. When it happens, that change will come so fast, it will take everybody by surprise.

Other movements in the past have failed because they have not confronted the sovereignty issue. We are - and we have the teeth to make it happen.

Although having no religious affiliations, we respect those of others. We take a single quote from the Bible, Ephesians 4:6, which says "One God, father of all, who is above all and through all and in you all". With no need for an intermediary, we recognise that each of us has God within.

Our religion is 7 words: "I am a man/woman having God within".

Our law is 7 words: "Do no harm and honour your contracts".

Our sovereignty is 7 words: "I own my land. I am sovereign*".

Press the Join button to make your declaration, but do not do it lightly. You are stepping up to stand in your innate sovereignty. It is your right, but it carries responsibilities too. Membership is free, but please feel welcome to make a regular contribution to our work if you wish - it will be greatly appreciated.

Namaste - we honour the God in you.

*We define 'land' as both the soil of the earth and our body and it is also our policy to ensure that everyone is the same sovereign status, so new people joining are give a token piece of land if they do not already have their own. In future it is hoped that it will be big enough to build a house on.

The Sovereign Nation of Shetland has no party political or religious affiliations.